BEST ENGINEERING is a leading offshore and marine services provider in South east Asia, focused primarily on the oil and gas sector. It offers a wide spectrum of offshore construction, offshore conversion and marine repair services construction at most largest shipyards in Bintan – Batam.

In a few years BEST ENGINEERING, has grown organically while enhancing its capabilities and service offering through strategic partnerships. Today, the BEST ENGINEERING has a track record of delivering integrated and complex services, including deepwater oil and gas structures and support services, to local and international oil and gas clients. It is also recognised for its expertise in liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier repair and drydocking, and as a one-stop centre for offshore conversion.

“Our Commitment is Our Strength” Best

BEST ENGINEERING was The Best Oilfield Construction and has been an active oil and gas services providers since its inception in 2007. BEST ENGINEERING business activities are pipeline services, offshore transportation and installation; EPCC onshore pipeline and construction; topside major maintenance and hook-up and commissioning; pipeline structure and topside de-commissioning; ship management and chartering, underwater services; and automation and control solutions.

From a humble beginning as pipeline services provider in 2007, BEST ENGINEERING  and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to Involved in “Construction Group”) have grown to be a main turnkey contractor to the oil and gas industry.

Our four pillars of business are:

Pipeline Services
Offshore Transportation and Installation (OIC)
EPCC Onshore Pipeline & Construction
Topside Major Maintenance and Hook-up Commissioning

We are all about delivering value in every aspect of our business. Led by a team of experts, we work diligently to help our clients achieve their goals. Simulatenously, we consistently seek opportunities to deliver sustainable growth and generate value for our shareholders.

Believing that success should be built upon, we will keep challenging ourselves to further evolve as a premier integrated solutions provider to the oil and gas industry.